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This site is just a tiny collection of links to other sites covering music related stuff that I have made over a period of almost 30 years. Most of the things also mostly relate to the Amstrad CPC, my 2nd home computer after the Speccy. The CPC was my main machine between 1985 and 1993 and I learnt things like reverse engineering and breaking things (sometimes called cracking), programming in assembly language (sometimes called coding), making special computer music (sometimes called chiptunes) and much more. Ahhh, wonderful times!


AYAY Kaeppttn!

A SID engine and basic tracker which I started in 2012. It is capable of creating the classic SID-effect introduced on the Atari ST in the 90s. It can play an AY tune together with one SID voice to get a lot of nice effects.

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A tracker for the Amstrad CPC. Written and released in the early 90s, it was for some years the most popular tracker in the CPC demoscene and was used by almost every group at that time.

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AY³ aka AYcubed

A new SID engine which emulates some parts of the SID sound like:

  • 3 independent voices
  • synthesized square and sawtooth wave forms
  • variable duty cycle on square waves
  • Stereo!

- WIP -


Some of the tunes I made between 1990 and now. Using Fasttracker 2, Soundtrakker, AYAY Kaepttn!, LMMS, Garageband and AYcubed.

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A slightly larger mix of tunes, mostly from the CPC, but also some Fasttracker 2 modules.

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@Roland Radio

"Your Amstrad CPC Chiptune Radio". There you'll find a collection of Soundtrakker tunes, mostly covers and conversions from more or less well-known tunes from the C64, Amiga or SNES. And some originals by myself (yay!)

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